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Garden Design & Master Planning


We believe that in order to be successful, it is critical that our team understand your needs and priorities so that we can design to those specifications. Over the years, we have learned that our finest gardens are the result of a collaborative and iterative design process that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. By taking this approach, we have found that we are able to save time and money on your behalf and deliver a final project that exceeds expectations. Whenever possible, we would prefer to work directly with your architect, interior designer and builder in the earliest stages of your project. This is especially important to ensure that the right plan is in place for grading and drainage across your property.

Master Plan Development

Development of a master plan provides many advantages over other approaches, including...

  • Efficiency- The process of creating a master design and plan can be a lengthy process to be sure but is nothing when compared to the loss of time, money and heartache associated with reworking all or a portion of a project. 
  • Creativity- Our best work is created in CAD and on paper (or napkins!) and modified as needed in the field. This approach will allow all of us to think outside of the box and generate the best ideas even if some elements are deferred or cut from the final scope. In our opinion, it is best to enter a design process with budget constraints deferred until a high-level budget estimate can be prepared. The initial budget estimate is only and draft and should be considered an opportunity to have an honest discussion about what is feasible. There will be plenty of opportunity to make cost adjustments by phasing, reducing scope and selecting alternative materials. 
  • Project Phasing- In many cases, portions of a project are delayed due to time or budget constraints. We encourage this approach because it allows us to take steps that will save time and money when you are ready to work on future phases. 

Garden Installation

Once the design and planning phases are complete, we will begin the installation of your new garden. Although some of our services are delivered by hand-selected contractors, we employ several teams of skilled, full-time technicians to install your new garden under the guidance of degreed professionals. We believe strongly that our installers are a real differentiator for us. Many of our team-members have been with M. M. Moore for twenty or more years and are extremely proficient in the best practices we have taught them over time.


Garden Management

For our clients who desire that we maintain the health of their garden, we operate a garden management company for that purpose. M. M. Moore Garden Management is lead by Maury Mayton, a seasoned garden manager, horticulturist and licensed irrigator. Maury will work with you to understand your needs and expectations to ensure that your garden is beautifully maintained through the seasons. The scope of our work and frequency of visits will be defined in advance but may include any combination the following services...

  • Seasonal Color Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • General Lawn Maintenance
  • Ground Cover Maintenance
  • Pick-pruning & Tree Trimming
  • Scheduled Fertilization, Pesticides & Treatments
  • Irrigation System Checks & Maintenance
  • Freeze Covering of Plants & Shrubs
  • Special Event Preparation, Setup & Support    

As with a traditional construction project, the bulk of our projects require the coordination of multiple trades within a solid construction management framework. We have learned over the years that our ability to be effective in this area is the difference maker when it comes to delivering a truly turn-key solution for our clients. With almost 40 years under our belt and hundreds of completed projects, we are one of the most experienced design/build firms in North Texas.

Construction Management


M. M. Moore was founded in 1979 as a custom pool and fountain design/build firm and established a well known reputation for our unique designs and quality construction. To this day, our clients rely on us to design and manage the construction of one-of-a-kind water features for their gardens.  

Water Feature Design & Construction


We are proud of our ability to design and implement a beautiful garden but our capabilities don't stop there. M. M. Moore is a full service general contractor for everything outside the home including: custom concrete structures, driveways, walkways, perimeter walls and custom stone elements.

Hardscape Design & Construction


Property Drainage Systems

One of the most critical and neglected elements in any landscape project is drainage. Over time, poorly planned drainage can destroy a landscape and even damage the property itself. In our opinion, all garden projects require knowledge of elevations and some combination of grading and installed drains (french drains, area drains, trough drains) to effectively manage the movement of water across a property. In some instances, an engineered solution including a cistern and pump(s) will need to be installed when a passive drainage system is not adequate. Our skill in this area will be evident in the design and planning process and remain a high-priority throughout the construction process.

A garden should make you feel you’ve entered privileged space...a place not just set apart but reverberant
— Michael Pollan