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M. M. Moore is a full-service garden design studio and construction firm providing our menu of services to clients who appreciate the finer details. We believe that attention to those details is what separates the mediocre from the excellent, common landscaping from garden creation. To ensure our clients receive a precision installation they can be proud of for years to come, we must avoid cutting corners at all costs and submit ourselves to a time-tested process.

In keeping with prevailing residential atmospheres, it is of paramount importance that the design and flow of a project be as pleasing from the inside of your home as it is from the outside. Texture and configuration of fencing, seasonal color, and a form design that is aesthetically pleasing are considerations for every project; and all must be functional and efficient. 

Each assignment begins with a set of boundaries. It is within these limitations that landscaping and form design must work in harmony. We provide a team effort from beginning to end that contributes to the project's realization. Each staff member has a special area of expertise enhanced by a solid understanding of every phase of the development and construction process. 

Our highest aim is to create innovative and distinguished environments that appear as natural extensions of their settings. Achieving this goal requires a depth of experience that comes from having designed and completed many projects over many years, each requiring unique solutions.

Our Services:

  • Master Planning & Construction Management

  • Landscape Design, Horticulture & Consulting

  • Full-service Garden Management

  • Custom Pools, Spas, Water Features

  • Outdoor Living Areas

  • Custom Carpentry (decks, pergolas/arbors, fences and other structures)

  • Custom Ornamental Ironwork

  • Custom Concrete & Stone Masonry

Texture and foliage keep a garden interesting through the season. Flowers are just moments of gratification
— Kevin Doyle